Everything You Need to Know about Computerized Wheel Alignment

Did you just hit a bad pothole or slide into a curb and now you seem to be fighting with your steering wheel just to keep your car in your own lane while driving down the highway? These are just a couple of situations which can cause your vehicle’s wheel alignment to be out of whack and you need to have your wheel alignment checked and possibly aligned.

What exactly is wheel alignment? Do you need a front end alignment or a 4 wheel alignment? How can you choose the right auto repair shop for a wheel alignment or other auto repair services for that matter? Should you trust someone using a string to align your wheels or a factory trained technician using a state of the art computerized wheel alignment machine?

What is Wheel Alignment?

computerized wheel alignment Image

A view of adjustment angles that can be adjusted when doing a wheel alignment.

Basically wheel alignment consists of adjustments made to the wheels to ensure the angles are within the car manufacturer’s specifications. Having the wheels of your car or a truck aligned properly will ensure safety for you and your family, longer tire life with reduced tread wear. The alignment procedure makes sure that all of the wheels are aligned with each other and that they have maximum contact with the road.

There are four main angles that will have to be adjusted – the caster, camber, toe and thrust angles.

The camber is measured in degrees and it refers to the angle of the wheel itself. The angle of the steering pivot is known as caster. The toe suggests what the direction of the tires is in comparison to the vehicle’s center line (once again measured in degrees). This is the most critical adjustment that will have to be made for proper wheel alignment. Finally, the direction in which the rear wheels are pointing when compared to the center line is known as thrust.

At Gator Custom Auto & Performance we use the Geoliner 670 XD Imaging Wheel Alignment System (one of the most advanced alignment systems on the market today) to do the alignment procedure.

Main Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Secure clamp

The AC400 Touchless Alignment Wheel Camp attached to a wheel.

As already mentioned, at Gator Custom Auto & Performance we use the Hofmann geoliner 670XD wheel aligner to perform computerized wheel alignments that is highly precise. We also use the AC400 Touchless Alignment Wheel Camp. Your vehicle’s wheel will get a secure clamping without touching the rim (only the tire is contacted). This ensures accurate repeatable results with no damage to the rim.

Proper alignment increased your fuel mileage. The rolling resistance is minimized, making the vehicle require smaller quantities of fuel to move.

Proper 4 wheel alignment maximizes driving performance. The wheels are parallel and positioned straight. Tire wear is thus reduced, making your car drive stable, saving you money and you won’t have to replace your tires every few months.

When the wheels are aligned properly, the risk of tracking and steering problems is reduced. This is another way in which automobile or truck alignments can increase your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Finally, having the wheels aligned will reduce the wear and tear on numerous other vehicle parts. More pressure has to be put on the steering system whenever the wheels aren’t parallel and pointing forward. In addition, you may be required to brake more often as a result of poor alignment, you don’t want to be going shop to have your brakes replaced .

Ways to Tell if You Need Wheel Alignment

Now that you know what wheel alignment is and know some of the benefits of having it done proper, it is now time to take a look at the signs telling you when your car or truck needs its alignment checked:

  • The steering wheel is off center, even if you’re driving straight
  • Your car feels very unstable
  • It pulls to one side when you’re driving
  • Vibrations are felt in the steering wheel
  • The tire tread wear is uneven

Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop for a Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment System

geoliner 670 XD Wheel Alignment System

Finding the right wheel alignment centre for the job is obviously the most essential aspect of finding a quality car or truck repair shop. The experience of the mechanic or technician and the type of equipment both matter.

Gator Custom Auto & Performance offers you the perfect solution when it comes to auto repair service. The shop is located in Ajax, Durham region. We have numerous customers that bring their trucks from Toronto to have the wheels aligned, they like the service and feel the value is worth the trip. Not to mention the money they save on wheels and tires. The biggest advantage stemming from the computerized wheel alignment system that Gator Custom Auto & Performance uses. This equipment delivers excellent results each time.


A wheel alignment can make your vehicle much safer and it can also save you money. These are the main reasons why everyone – both automobile and truck owners – will benefit from computerized wheel alignment after wheel, tire changes or whenever performance problems are being experienced.

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