Motorcycle Dyno Tuning – Unlock the Full Potential of Your Machine

Let’s face it, virtually all motorcycle owners are passionate about their bikes; a lot more so than most people are about their cars. Motorcycle owners go to great lengths in order to keep their bikes looking as good as possible, and nearly all owners will make absolutely certain that their motorcycles get serviced on a regular basis.

Oil gets changed regularly, brakes are inspected, fluids are topped up, etc. In fact, if you take your bike to a reputable service centre, they will check a lot more than just the basics. They should also be checking the engine thoroughly in order to determine if it is running the way it should be. Unfortunately, many service centres simply don’t have the proper equipment to carry a thorough inspection of your motorcycle engine, that is why you should take your motorcycle to Gator Custom Auto & Performance for service and repairs.

Motorcycle Dyno TuningSure, your bike may appear to be running perfectly, but is it really? Have you changed your exhaust or other components on your bike? Are you really getting everything you can out of your bike? If you have never taken your bike in for motorcycle dyno tuning, then you probably are not. dyno tuning is a modern and very advanced method of analyzing the performance of a motorcycle engine, using a piece of equipment known as a Dynojet Dynamometer. In fact, no other motorcycle diagnostic tool is able to produce results more accurately than these dynamometers.

When you take your bike to Gator Custom Auto & Performance for motorcycle dyno tuning, one of our properly trained mechanics will be able to determine the exact amount of torque and horsepower being delivered to the rear wheel of your bike. At Gator Custom Auto & Performance, our mechanics will check these readings even before any performance-enhancing work is carried out. Our mechanics can then compare the readings to the specs which are provided by the manufacturer.

It is normal for a bike’s performance to decline as a result of wear and tear, but in nearly all instances, a few adjustments, or one or two replacement parts can return your bike to its full potential.

So, can motorcycle dyno tuning only be used for maximizing performance; for increasing top speed? No, it can be used for other purposes as well, including things like fuel efficiency.

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning – What to Expect?

When you bring your motorcycle in for dyno tuning, our motorcycle service centre will not attempt to carry out any repairs without your explicit consent. Instead, when you return for the test results, we will sit down with you and discuss your bike’s test results. If performance can be improved we will tell you, and let you know exactly what needs to be done.

We will also want to determine the way in which you bike is being used. In other words, do you use it mostly for high-speed rides such as races? Do you use it mostly for long distance rides, or do you mostly use your bike for commuting to and from work?

Many motorcycle owners want their bike to be as fast as they possibly can be, even though they never travel at such high speeds. If you consistently ride at very high speeds, we will be able to tune your bike according, but that extra speed and extra performance are going to cost you more in terms of fuel and so on, even if you don’t use that additional speed.

If your bike is used mainly as a form of everyday transport, then let our mechanics know, and they will focus more on fuel efficiency than on speed. This is one of the key benefits of motorcycle dyno tuning, in that it provides our mechanics with all of the in-depth information they require in order to tweak a motorcycle engine to your riding preference. In short, motorcycle dyno tuning is the most sophisticated way of optimizing all aspects of a bike’s engine in order to achieve maximum power, speed, and efficiency.

Dynamometer Tuning – Not Only For Racing

Okay, it is fair to say that virtually all competitive riders will be familiar with dynamometer tuning, simply because they know that it is the most effective way of guaranteeing they are getting everything they possibly can out of their machines. This diagnostics tool is so popular in the world of racing, many motorcycle owners think that it is something which can only benefit competitive riders, but this certainly isn’t true.

When you are racing, you generally have your throttle wide open, resulting almost exclusively in high RPM operation. When you ride on the streets, on the other hand, RPM operation is typically midrange. Many of the problems which are common in midrange RPM operation would go completely unnoticed by a rider riding a bike in high RPM operation. While these problems may not even be noticeable during high RPM, they can be very unpleasant during midrange RPM, and again, motorcycle dyno tuning can help to rectify such issues.

Using modern dynamometer tuning, our mechanics will be able to spot a variety of problems throughout the entire RPM range, including things such as power surges, dead spots, etc. If these sorts of problems are detected, our mechanics will be able to see where in the RPM range they occur, and this makes it easier to determine the cause of the problems, which could include problems such as a bad drive chain, under or over jetting, or even an exhaust related problem.

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning For Superior Diagnostics

Dyno tuning can even help motorcycle mechanics to problems that are not related to the engine, but which could be causing a loss of performance, or causing your bike to burn more fuel than it should be. Issues like dragging brakes, misaligned tires and also various clutch problems can have a significant impact on both fuel efficiency and performance.

In a nutshell, motorcycle dyno tuning is by far and away the ultimate way for you to ensure your bike is operating at peak performance and the best it possibly can be. Also, if you are going to spend money on any type of performance modification, dyno tuning can be used to determine exactly how much your bike’s performance improved following the modification. There really is no other diagnostic tool quite like it.

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