Custom Performance for your car or motorcycle

Custom Performance

At Gator Custom Auto & Performance we strive to meet and exceed all expectations of the performance enthusiast. We know how to customize cars and motorcycles. You can have your automobile from Street to Strip, your motorcycles from Mild to Wild. No project is above our capabilities. Come and see for yourself.

Customize Cars

Automobiles From Street to Strip!

  • Performance exhaust systems
  • Headers
  • Engine rebuilds/swaps
  • Performance camshafts
  • Superchargers/Turbos
  • Dyno tuning/base readings
  • Gearing
  • Suspension lift/lowering kits/chassis upgrades
  • Truck Lift Kits & Installation
  • Performance tires/rims (off and on road)
  • Cold air kits
  • Methanol injection kits
  • Carb set-up and tuning
  • Cylinder heads
  • High performance clutchs/high stall convertors
  • Carbon fibre body kits and upgrades
  • Track set-up
  • Performance brake upgrades/kits

Customize Motorcycles

Motorcycles From Mild to Wild!

  • Performance exhaust systems
  • Jetting kits
  • Fuel injection tuning systems
  • Engine building/blueprinting
  • Dyno tuning/base readings
  • Suspension tuning/upgrading
  • Braided lines
  • Sprocket/gearing changes
  • Trackday/Race prep.
  • Aftermarket lighting
  • Frame sliders
  • Rear sets
  • Lithium batteries
  • Fender eliminator kits
  • Carbon fiber part installation

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