Some people doubt the importance of buying quality winter tires. Are you one of these individuals? Take into consideration the following study. In 2008, Germany made winter tires mandatory. The number of personal-injury collisions went down from 12,539 in 2005 to only 6,033 after the introduction of the new regulations. Quebec also made winter tires are mandatory in 2008. Winter tires are required on all vehicles registered in Quebec from December 15 through to March 15.  This mandatory regulation of tires in Quebec helped decrease personal injury collisions by 5% that year.

Winter tires do save lives. The quality matters and you should dedicate some time to finding the best snow tires for your automobile.

Michelin Winter TiresWondering where to get the best winter tires in Durham region? Here are a few suggestions.

What to Look for in Winter Tires?

To buy snow tires, narrower is always better because it will enable the car to cut through the snow. Winter tires should be bought in sets of four, this is also a recommendation by Transport Canada. Don’t think that buying two snow tires and using those alongside two all-season tires will be a good idea.

Where to Buy Winter Tires

Don’t know where to buy tires? Gator Custom Auto & Performance is your tire shop in Durham Region. This is an auto repair shop located in Ajax. Our experienced team of mechanics and technicians are there to do quality repairs and upgrades. These professionals will also advice you about the selection of the best snow tires and they’ll have the set installed for you. Don’t forget that they also offer tire storage of your summer tires for the winter months.

This is our second winter in operations and we’re committed to giving our clients both quality and convenience. Various kinds of winter tires can be selected at a reasonable price. If you’re buying winter tires for the first time or you don’t know the criteria that matter the most. We’ll guide you through the process and help you choose the best snow tires for your budget.

Your safety and the wellbeing of your loved ones depend on the selection of quality tires on your vehicle. Don’t leave this purchase to chance – opt for a reputable auto repair shop like Gator Custom Auto & Performance.

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